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Boring Mud

Set Up

Setting up for a missile bore with KBM™ super slick enviromentally safe boring mud for HDD.

@09:30 - Tailgate meeting begins. Afterwards equipment is set-up.


KBM™ boring mud being mixed.

@09:45 - Boring Mud is going into the mixer.


KBM™ mud remains slick upon entry & throughout the drilling process.

@10:00 Drilling has begun. Note the nice side-walls. Mud remains slick upon entry & throughout the drilling process.

End of Pull

KBM™ drilling lubricating drilling washes off easily.

Approximately 11:30 - End of a successful pull, the mud comes off cleanly with gentle wash. Sealing duct tape remains intact.


Clean and intact drill bit after the job using KBM™ boring mud.

The driller is overly impressed. Before using KBM, the duct tape always came off, dirt and mud got inside the pipe, and the pipe usually got stuck during the pull.

Tail end of Pull

Tail end of pull after using KBM™ boring mud.

Tail end of pull is clean. There is no dirt or mud inside the pipe. It’s ready for utility cables.



Cleaner & Degreaser

1. The scum before cleaning

Before photo of scum prior to KCD™ Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser

This is what a collection system looks like before cleaning.

2. Cleaning the scum

Cleanng a scum tank  using KCD™ Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser.

A crew begins to clean the lift station. KCD degreaser is added afterward.

3. The scum after KCD application

KCD™ Industrial Cleaner dissolving scum during application.

This is the final look after the station is cleaned and KCD is applied.

4. Testing the sample after KCD application

Testing samples after the application of KCD™ Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser.

Our CTO Billy White discusses the benefits of using KCD in a lift station.

The crew is looking for 2 things:

  1. Settling Rates
  2. Clarity

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