Problems We Fix

  • KCD-X™ Fixes F.O.G. Mats & Masses
  • KCD-X™ Immediately & Persistently Reduces Explosive Sewer Gases
  • SETTApHY™ Quickly & Reliably Settles Biosolids & Digester Sludge; Lower Effluent TSS/TDS and entrained phosphates, nitrates, ammonia

The Benefits Are Clear

The benefits of Kationx wastewater treatment plant products are crystal clear:

  • Ruggedly Reliable Performance regardless of wastewater chemistry, pH, and/or temperature excursions.  Works in cold water.
  • Compatible with other chemicals and biologicals.
  • Clean & Green Technology – Kationx Products Don’t Upset the Plant or Harm the Environment.
  • Operator Friendly:  Safe, Simple & Easy to Use.  Intuitive.  Immediate Results that are Observable.  Work smarter, not harder.
  • Save Time. Save Money.
  • Avoid Complexity. Reduce Risks.
  • Improve Operational Flexibility.
  • Made in USA Products. US-Only Supply Chain. Veteran Owned Small Business CAGE 84p00.

KCD-X™ Consistently Removes Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Bucket KCD-X™ Premium wastewater conditioner
KCD-X™: Lift Station Post Conditioner

KCD-X™ is a powerful all-natural lift station post-conditioner that reduces odorous gases in both water and air.

The reduction in harmful noxious gases prevents corrosion, extends the life of the equipment, and reduces the need for costly maintenance.

KCD-X™ instantly reduces toxic, corrosive, flammable or explosive sewer gases.

Reduction of Explosive Gases

  • Persistence Kicks in at Third Treatment
  • Post-treatment PPM Results Are Always Lower
  • Starting Measurements Are Lower
  • Controls and Removes H2S, VOCs, Odors, and Halogens
  • KCD-X™: SafeSimpleNon-toxic

SETTApHY™ Accelerates Settling With Lower TSS/TDS/NH/N/P


SETTApHY™ Delivers A Better Quality Discharge Effluent And A Clear Difference


SETTApHY™ Delivers 62% Settling In 3 Hours

Digester Sludge SETTApHY Jar Test


Ordinary Digester Settlers

  • Digester Sludge Won’t Settle
  • 10% Biosolids & 90% Water
  • Higher Sludge Removal Costs: Hauling Mostly Water


  • 62% Settling in 3 Hours
  • 38% Biosolids & 62% Water
  • Lower Sludge Removal Costs: Hauling More Biosolids, Less Water

SETTApHY non-toxic flocculant icon

SETTApHY non-explosive flocculant icon

Operator Safe
SETTApHY operator safe flocculant icon

Easy To Clean
SETTApHY easy to clean flocculant icon

SETTApHY non-flammable flocculant icon

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