KCD™ Fat Oil Grease (F.O.G.) Control

Bucket of KCD™ Fat Oil Grease (F.O.G.) Control
KCD™: FOG Busting Made Easy

KCD™is the only clean, green lift station product that effectively fixes common lift station issues. With super-efficient F.O.G. removal, KCD™ improves performance and lowers costs.

KCD™ is ruggedly reliable, non-toxic, safe, and effective.

Impact is persistent. With regular routine treatment wells will run cleanly with minimal FOG accumulation.

KCD used as an Emulsion - Findings/Outcomes

  • KCD™ mobilizes fats, oils, and grease.
  • KCD™ delivers persistent performance.
  • KCD™: SafeSimpleNon-toxic

KCD-X™ H2S, Odor & FOG Remover

Bucket KCD-X™ Premium wastewater conditioner
KCD-X™: Lift Station Post Conditioner

KCD-X™ is a powerful all-natural post conditioner that reduces grease mat build-up over time. Micro-abrasion of inner surfaces loosen and provides improved miscibility between the water and oil phases.

KCD-X™ reduces odorous gases in both water and air. The reduction in harmful noxious gases prevents corrosion, extends the life of the equipment, and reduces the need for costly maintenance.

KCD-X™ All-in-one treatment for:

  • Wastewater Collections Wells & Lines
  • Force Mains
  • KCD-X™: SafeSimpleNon-toxic

KCD-X™ controls and removes:

  • H2S (hydrogen sulfide)
  • Odors & VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Halogens
  • F.O.G. (fats, oils, and greases)
  • KCD-X™: SafeSimpleNon-toxic

BoostR™ Wastewater Polishing

Bucket of BoostR™ Wastewater Polishing product<
BoostR™: Reduces & Removes Hydrogen Sulfide

BoostR™ is highly effective in reducting and removing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in wastewater collection lines and mains.

BoostR™ is robust, non-toxic, safe, and effective.

Impact is long-lasting. With regular routine treatment lines and mains will run cleanly with minimal H2S accumulation.

  • BoostR™ polishes wastewater lines and mains.
  • BoostR™ provides efficient and effective H2S control.
  • BoostR™ is persistent.
  • BoostR™: SafeSimpleNon-toxic

SETTApHY™ Natural Flocculant

Bucket of SETTApHY™ Natural Flocculant wastewater settling agent
SETTApHY™: Digester Sludge Settling

SETTApHY™ captures more solids and leaves less water, resulting in reduced hauls and up to 50% lower costs.

SETTApHY™ is an all-natural cationic wastewater flocculant for settling biosolids and digester sludge. SETTApHY™ lowers TSS, TDS, nitrates, phosphates, and ammonia in discharged effluent.

Settle sludge faster and more thoroughly with Kationx SETTApHY™ Natural Flocculant:

  1. Add SETTApHY™; mix, settle. Attain 60-50% supernatant;
  2. Return supernate to primary;
  3. Add more (50%) sludge to digester;
  4. Add SETTApHY™, aerate, and let settle for 3 hours;
  5. Get 30% supernate, return and aerate;
  6. Add more sludge to digester, aerate again, and;
  7. Remove final supernate, return to primary then haul bio-solids.

SETTApHY™: SafeSimpleNon-toxic


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