SETTApHY™ Flocculant – THE Biosolids & Digester Sludge Settling Agent

SETTApHY™ is an all-natural, green & clean tech, cationic, wastewater flocculant that efficiently and effectively settles biosolids and digester sludge. It’s ruggedly reliable in water at all temperatures and regardless of pH.

SETTApHY™ lowers TSS, TDS, nitrates, phosphates, and ammonia in discharged effluent. Biosolids & sludge settle faster and more thoroughly with Kationx SETTApHY™ Natural Flocculant. Get better looking (less turbid) discharged effluent, too.

(below) In-field, field expedient bucket test on mixed liquor that’s not settling. SETTApHY settled biosolids (60%) creating a supernatant column that was clean & clear.

Bucket test in the field.  SETTApHY settled 60%.
Kationx Settaphy flocculant comaprisaon
SETTApHY™ Natural Flocculant settling comparison test. The difference is clear!

(above) The left jar features biosolids treated with polymer. The water is turbid with significant TDS & TSS. The right jar used SETTApHY, achieving better settling with a more consolidated biosolids layer (with less water entrained). The water column clarity means less entrained TDS & TSS, in turn containing fewer nitrates, phosphates, ammonia and bacteria. Less chlorine is needed to disinfect, and discharged effluent is compliant with less pin floc & nutrient load. SETTApHY is a clean & green fix – safe, simple, non-toxic, non-corrosive. Won’t upset the plant or harm the environment. Work smarter, not harder, with Kationx Technology!

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