Odor Control for Wastewater Lagoon

A recent field test in Ohio removed a serious odor problem that had become a significant public nuisance. No clear solution to this persistent seasonal problem has ever been found. Treated with KCD-X this week, the odor was gone instantly. Kationx has a new customer!

Sewage Lagoon being treated to remove foul odor, 3 buckets of KCD-X, work skiff
Wastewater Lagoon odor treated (odor removed) with KCD-X. Simple, safe, easy to use. Instant results! That’s Kationx!

Kationx Awarded HireVets.Gov Gold Medallion Second Year in a Row!

U.S. Department of Labor Awards 675 HIRE Vets Medallions To Employers That Hire, Retain and Support Veterans

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Department of Labor today announced its recognition of 675 U.S. employers as honorees in the 2020 HIRE Vets Medallion program for their recruitment, hiring, and retention of America’s veterans. Collectively, this year’s award recipients hired more than 37,000 veterans since 2018.

Image of HirVets.gov Gold Medallion Awarded to Kationx, Inc
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