Blasting a FOG Mat to Oblivion

KCD provides a simple, fast, efficient, cost-effective, and ruggedly reliable tools for getting rid of FOG Mats (making the resulting mix easy to pump down), odors, and sewer gases. As it heads downstream, the KCD Mix keeps cleaning. Now that’s performance!

For quick, efficient, and ruggedly reliable FOG blasting where FOG mat/mass accumulations are a persistent problem, KCD fixes the problem. In this video, the service utilizes a 200 gallon water tank, trash pump, and 2″ hoses. One-third bucket of KCD goes into the tank, where it’s mixed by recirculating using the front (or, working end) of the hose (forming a closed loop/looping recycle flow). Recirc for a minute. The remaining 2/3rds of the bucket goes directly into the well as a powder where it coats the top of the FOG mat. Blast with the KCD Mix by ramping up the trash pump. Together, the KCD works to quickly to cationically deconstruct and mobilize the FOG mat. Even rags become more slippery (and much easier to pump, rake, or vacuum) This method also recruits underlying wastewater into the mix. Deconstruction occurs within 2-3 minutes. Now, pump the watery mix downstream. As it moves through the pumps and down through the lines and mains, it’ll continue cleaning (and it won’t recongeal). Very efficient. Cost effective. Simple. Safe. Green & Clean. Work smarter, not harder with Kationx Tech!

KCD clears out FOG

KCD removes FOG and related odors from lift station wells in sewer systems.

KCD provides a proven FOG removal solution for wastewater collections systems that’s ruggedly reliable across a range of operational conditions. It’s safe, simple and easy to use. Doesn’t interfere with other chemicals and processes already in use. Downstream, KCD won’t upset your plant or kill the bugs. Some of our customers also report fewer-to-no odor complaints once they begin using KCD! Work smarter, not harder, with Kationx technology.

Sewer lift station FOG mat that's been a persistent nuisance for this customer located in the U.S. northeast.
(above) Persistent FOG mat inside lift station. Cleaning it typically took a full morning. It was an unpleasant task. (below) After 1 bucket of KCD added as a powder, followed by a 15-minute washdown, the station is clean. FOG mat’s gone. Work smarter, not harder, by using safe, green/clean, non-toxic, non-corrosive, Kationx Technology!
Clean lift station after using KCD followed by a 15-minute washdown with hose (visible in lower right)